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Our experts focus on the day-to-day activity of individual assets so entire portfolios can realize their optimum potential. We also present revenue projections for your assets to forecast and monitor the total return on your investment. Our experience with profits, yields and returns, working capital, leverage and lines of credit is only a fraction of what we can offer. We also assist you in liability and profit management, never losing sight of your investment goals. And finally increasing NOI (Net Operating Income) by effectively reducing operating costs and increasing operating income.

Due to our history of successful owner and investor relationships, we have established and extensive group of highly qualified property investors, our computer system allows us to stay informed of property information locally, regionally and nationally. This enables us to better disperse portfolio assets and broaden investment options by successfully linking buyers to sellers.

Once the initial buyer has been found, we thoroughly evaluate each party to determine the best match. Anticipating our client's needs and formulating and effective marketing strategy is crucial. We work with you to ascertain the value of the property and to establish the most productive sales strategy for each marketing goal. We start with an extensive review of your real estate investment needs and objectives. Then we compile a marketing strategy to meet your goals

Target marketing is the most effective way of reaching the specific demographic audience for which your campaign is designed. There are a variety of ways to develop a targeted marketing plan. Methods of implementation can include:

  • Brochures
  • Mailings
  • Direct Mail
  • Investor Symposiums
  • Print Advertising
  • Trade Show Presence
  • Website Address
  • Local and Regional Sales Meetings

Marketing efforts are scheduled accordingly, based on the investor's goals and MBI's recommendation. The campaign can be monitored with a timeline to alert investors of upcoming marketing flights.

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